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CX Lead

REPORTING: Executive Creative Director
SCOPE: Regional


Ogilvy Africa is the largest network agency on the continent catering to 39 countries with a team of ~900 people across Central, East, and West Africa. Headquartered in Nairobi – Kenya, Ogilvy Africa manages a portfolio of over 100 brands for clients such as AB Inbev, Airtel, Africa CDC, Coca-Cola, Diageo, Distell, Equity Bank, Exxon Mobil, Kenya Airways, Mondelez, NCBA, Nestle, Philips, PWC, SAB Miller, Sanlam, Total, UNICEF, Unilever and WWF amongst others.

It offers services across the full spectrum of marketing domains including Communication (Advertising, branding, and content), Consumer Experience (Technology & e-Commerce), Growth Consulting (incl. Digital Transformation), PR & Influence, and Media; one unified setup. The agency has also created proprietary marketing products in areas such as real-time marketing, social intelligence, virtual experiences, influencer management, e-commerce enablement, and content hubs. Its unique operating model, One Ogilvy, allows clients and brands to cut the complexity of agency structures and create seamless omnichannel experiences for their consumers, across touchpoints. Fuelled by the holy trinity of content, data, and technology; Ogilvy Africa strives to be the best-practice agency model, for Developing & Emerging markets.

With 20+ years in Africa, Ogilvy Africa has won the highest number of regional and global awards for the region including Cannes Lions, Clio Awards, Dubai Lynx Festival, SABRE Awards (Global and Africa); to name a few.

Ogilvy is a leading global creative network of WPP, founded by David Ogilvy in 1948.


The role of a customer experience (CX) lead is to create exceptional brand experiences for the customer – both digital and physical.
A customer experience lead makes sure that brands follow a user-centric approach and deliver a seamless, unfragmented, and delightful customer experience across all touchpoints and at all stages of the buyer journey. The role also involves liaising with both internal teams as well as client teams to ensure that there are no gaps in the customer experience and each intervention is on-brand.
The best candidate must have exceptional empathy, an ability to both see the holistic journey and in-depth and the skill to define and solve complex problems.


• You should have a minimum of 10+ years of working on web/ mobile-based solutions/ products
• Conceive, Plan and Lead the development of delightful brand experiences
• The role requires creative thinking and a real talent for communications. Tasks will involve suggesting ideas based on customer data, working with other teams to shape those ideas and deploy them.
• Become a zealous “user” advocate – both internally and externally.
• Communicate the value of CX discipline to clients, and lead client engagements from a CX perspective.
• Facilitate internal team collaboration, bridging the gap between creative, technology, and strategy functions.
• Ensuring the CX strategies are aligned to the larger marketing and business goals and outcomes
• A strong understanding of UX
• Mapping customer journeys to identify intervention opportunities across all touchpoints, for all kinds of customer interactions, transactions, and engagements


• Empathy — Ability to put themselves in the customer’s shoes and see things from their perspective. Effectively advocate for the customer in the agency and to the client.
• Creativity – to imagine experiences beyond the ordinary, that will surprise and delight customers.
• Problem-solving prowess — ability to understand complex customer issues and develop solutions accordingly. To take what they’ve learned and proactively apply it to future updates or innovations.
• Strong verbal and visual communication skills — Skill to put down the structure of a project and communicate the expected outcome to teams, especially in experiences and innovations where it’s difficult to put it in words.
• Collaborative capabilities — You must bring together people from diverse disciplines to work towards a common goal of customer experience.
• Agility — Ready to embrace change as the agency processes, strategies, and technologies evolve.
• Independence – The ability to make things happen with limited direction. Proactive attitude, take-charge personality, and “can-do” demeanor.
• A Designer’s Eye – Must be able to translate complex concepts and interactions into visually coherent wireframes or product concepts. This is a strongly creative position.
• Writing – You must be able to write, concisely, and quickly. You must be able to create succinct requirements documentation for interactive projects.
• Forever Learning – Relentless desire to learn and leverage the latest web/mobile technologies
• Software Skills – Strong proficiency/expertise in:
o Interactive Prototyping Tools
o CMS implementation for web/mobile products
o Proficiency in Google Analytics /Omniture or similar analytics tools to base product feature decisions bases on usage data.


• Courage: Shows bravery in making decisions and stands by values and beliefs.
• Idealism: Strives for achievements; dares to raise our sights and blaze new trails.
• Curiosity: Has a desire to know more and is open to all possibilities.
• Playfulness: Has fun and knows when not to take him or herself too seriously.
• Candour: Encourages openness and honesty with colleagues and with clients.
• Intuition: Trusting and listening to our unconscious or “inner guru”, to find unique solutions.
• Free-spiritedness: Permission to practice magic, encourage and promote flexibility.
• Persistence: Shows determination to achieve the right results


Ogilvy Africa is an equal opportunity employer that believes in diversity as a competitive advantage. We are committed to a fair and inclusive hiring process. To minimize unconscious biases from our hiring process, we’ve taken on an initiative to #RightTheCV (find out more by clicking here)

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Closing Date: 3rd December 2021.